Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Holiday program

Create a 2 week long holiday programme for kids your age for this holidays.
The programme must have different morning and afternoon activities. i.e. 9.00 - 3.00pm
You must think of something to do different every day.
You can go out of town (parent transport).
Your total budget is $200 for the 10 days or $20 per day.
You can include out of town activities.
Do it as a table.

Bus to hamilton
Then visit the museum  
Rock house
Tramp park
Arts & crafts.
Go to Kaiate falls  
Swim at splash plantet
Go to the beach &
have fish n' chips
Cooking competition Mount hot pools & Copenhagen cones Bay city cinemas.
You must bring
Togs, towel, lunch, money.Togs, towel, sun screen,
hat, snacks, money.
Money, socks & food.Money, sun screen, hat, towel.Togs, towel, money, sun screen etc..  
Total cost

Monday, 8 December 2014


Find a gift online for each of the people in your family. You need to find gifts for a minimum of 5 people. Your total budget is $300. You may wish to include grandparents, cousins or your teacher.

Paste an image of the gift, the website and the price. Say who each gift is for.

You need to make sure you include postage in your gift costings.

Mum, nike shorts $44 perfume $35

Dad, Emoji stickers $8

Brother, pizza suite $20

Miss C, Michael Hill The warehouse $62.10

Cat, kittens FREE!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Water fun day!

Mr Mossop was one of the organisers for the Water Fun Day. He needs feedback for next year’s Water Fun Day. Create a survey which asks students for feedback on what was good and what needs improvement from the Water Fun Day. We will send the best survey to Mr Mossop to use.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What happened in Ferguson?

Create a quiz of 7 questions about this case.
Use the 7 servants as your question starters for the 7 questions.
Embed the quiz on your blog.
Another student in our class will complete your quiz.

What happened in Ferguson?

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

College experience

Getting to walk around Tauranga Girls College was a good time to take in everything around me, and to get to know the place. With finding out new things like what you do in each subject and getting to meet the four head students, and deans. While we were there we saw a rubbish bin, but no ordinary rubbish bin, it had sunken into the ground, quit like someone had planted a rubbish bin. I'm not sure how I feel about college, I'm having mixed emotions, even though I'm thrilled to having a pool at lunch times, it will be different to just seeing girls every where I go instead of boys. But the student ambassadors said that you get used to it quit quickly, and actually find it better to just have girls because then you don't have to dress to impress.