Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Science fair recount

Aim, Which nail rusts the fastest in which liquid
Hypothesis, I thought that Red bull would rust the fastest
Introduction, Energy drinks: An energy drink is a type of beverage containing stimulant drugs. Which is marketed as providing mental or physical stimulation.
Equipment & Method,*Five rusted nails (4 cm) *Camera*Coke a cola (300 ml)     *Powerade (750 ml) *Red Bull (330ml)*Snap lock bags *Berry pump water (750ml)    *Cups   *Lucozade (300ml)   *White sugar    * ⅓ measuring cup (80ml)  

Step 1.  Pour ⅓ (80 ml) into each of your plastic cups.
Step 2. Place the 5 nails into the plastic cups.
Step 3. Constantly check the nails every 48 hours to check progress. Remember to take photographs and record any changes.
Step 4. Calculate amount of sugar content in each drink.
Step 5. Once the sugar is calculated weigh the amount of sugar in grams.
Step 6. Then Place into your snap lock bags.
Step 7.After you have done that label the bags and write how many grams of sugar there is.
Step 8. Lastly you will need to write the size of the bottle and write on the snap lock bags.

Results, In this bar graph it shows that lucozade had the highest content of sugar with 43g and then Red Bull had 35g, Coke 32g, Berry pump 17g and Powerade was the least with 14g per serving.

My hypothesis was correct.  The Red Bull had the biggest effect on the nail.  This is  because it is the drink that has the highest content of caffeine in it and many different ingredients, compared to the other drinks. I have learnt that Red Bull de-rusted the nail the fastest. The science behind fizzy drinks and de-rusting nails is,that Fizzy drinks were invented in 1798 and soft drinks by definition are carbonated drinks that are non-alcoholic. DE-RUSTING NAILS: The acid in the fizzy drinks eats away at the rust leaving it clean and shiny. Nails were invented in 5,000 years ago. This can be used in our lives for people that have lots of rusty nails and are trying to find a way to clean them. I could have done better by using a different variety of energy drinks, and using different nails.

How quickly do different types of household fabrics burn? 
(Parental supervision needed)

Do white candles burn faster than coloured candles?

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