Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dangerous decibels

Levels of db 
  • Rainfall = 50 db
  • Transformer = 50 db 
  • Conversation = 60 db
  • MP3 = 105 db
  • Rock concert = 120 db
  • Chain saw = 118 db
  • Shot gun = 163 db

  • If you lose all of your ear hairs they will never grow back
  • Fish, frogs and birds can grow back their ear hairs
  • If the decibel is to loud turn down
  • Walk away 
  • Protect your ears.
  • Sound is energy and vibration.
  • If you are at a rock concert for longer than 30 seconds you can badly damage your ear hairs.
  • You can get grommets so your ears function properly
  •  You can be on the side of the road watching traffic for 8 hours before your ears get damage
  • Ears phones are more dangerous that head phones
  • MP3 shouldn't be over 60% of its volume level 
  • Lots of people use cotton buds for cleaning there ears but there for makeup.
  • Air wax is your ears natural clean 
  • Candle wax burners are very bad and cause lots of damage

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