Monday, 3 March 2014

3 mini dialogues

Parents: "Yay your back how was camp?"
Me: "Ummm it was so much fun and soo hot".
Parent: "What activites did you do?"
Me: "We did rockclimbing, Abseling, Paintball, Kayaking, Flying fox, Go kart, Swimming, Mountain biking and loads more!"
Parent: "Thats AWESOME what was your Favourite thing you did?"
Me: "Well that would definatly have to be Paintball and high ropes".
Parent: "WOW sounded like camp was a blast!"
Me: "It was it so much fun and i wish we could go again!"

Me: "Miss C when do we start technology?"
Miss "Campbell: Well we start today middle block."
Me: "Who do we have in our groups and what is each group doing?"
Miss Campbell: 'Ok you just need to go to your google dive and search up room 42 technology groups and you will see what what you are doing and who is in your group"
Me: "Thanks Miss C"

Me: "We had nothing to eat at camp I was soo hungry when I got home!"
Joy: "But we had tons of food!"
Me: "No i mean snacks like after each activities like a piece of fruit in between because we had to wait from 12 - 3:30 for afternoon tea then wait another 3-4 hours till dinner!"
Joy: "Ahhhh now I get what you mean, Yeah we totally should of had some more snacks in between".
Me: "Luckily we get to eat as much as we want tomorrow when we go" !:)))))

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