Wednesday, 12 March 2014


- Explain the task of teaching apostrophes yesterday
The task of teaching apostrophes yesterday was to teach others were and when to put apostrophes into 
your writing either it was a contraction or a word of possession.

- What went well?
What went well was that my student listened and did very well in placing the apostrophes in the right place and she did well with the contractions

- What didn’t go well?
What didn't go well yesterday was when the word Mr Mills came up we weren't sure were to put the apostrophe.

- What were one or two things you realised?
We realised that because Mr Mills has an s at the end of her name you place an apostrophe behind the s and place another s so it would be Mr Mills's

- Find 5 online practise links for apostrophes which would be useful for your student.  


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