Thursday, 3 July 2014

End of term review

There are so many opportunities in the school from golf to kayaking and I have tried to do as many as I can. This term I have done Netball, Table tennis, Cheerleading, Gymnastics and Badminton all of these have been soo much fun and I'm so glad that I got to try so many different things that I had never tried before. And with netball I have made it into the second Aims team which is a great achievement for me, I also made the cheerleading Aims team and making that team was another goal I was aiming to achieve. Making these teams have made this term so much more exciting and something to look forward to next term where we will be having lots of trainings getting us ready for Aims.

This term my education has been at the standard for most of my subjects. In reading I am a 4P, maths I am a 5B and in writing I am a 4A. I think I am doing well so far because we are only half way through the year and by the end of the year I am aiming to get to 4A and above.

A problem I overcame
I over came getting up on stage an performing my cheerleading routine, I had more confidence in myself once we had already had performed and we had to do it again for best of best. I had more confidence because I new what I was doing and being with friends also helped me a lot because we all just laughed and had a great time.

The disco was a great night, it was so much fun getting to hang out with all of my friends and dancing and listening to music although it was so hot and stuffy it was still a great time. The theme of the disco was wacky hair even though I never didn't dress up to theme it was still awesome to see what every one else looked like.

Click cards and Stars cards
This term the school has brought something new for us kids and that is stars cards and click cards.
Click cards is a system which each class in school runs. There are 40 clicks on each card and you can get one click each day for good behaviour. Therefore if you have you have your name on the board with a cross next to it you do not get a click that day and if your absent you also don't get a click. If you get 40 clicks you get a Rimu bracelet which you can wear for the rest of the year, and if you manage to complete 3 cards which means you got 120 clicks you get a stars badge. But if you are seen with another house badge you will get yours taken off of you forever and you will not get it back. Relievers can also give you clicks if you are good. There are also stars cards which will be received at each house Hui and to people with will given vouchers, and at the end of each term Miss Colville with draw out 1 person for each house and they will get a stars jumper. You can also possibly get 4 bands if you get a tick every day for four terms.

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  1. I like the layout of you post I also like that you have put your topics in paragraphs. I like the as that you underlined you headings and made them bold so it is easier to read. You SPG was very good. It looks like you have had a great term. The length of you paragraphs are a little bit different but you must of had lost to say about these topics. Well done.