Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Haircut issue goes to court

A year 12 student from St John’s College was suspended for having long hair and he refused to cut it. The students name was name was Lucan Battison. The rule from his school stated that everyones hair had to be off the collar and out of their eyes. Lucan has been sent to court for this issue and since then he has not returned back at school. Troy Battison the boys father is looking for a review of the suspension in the high court at Wellington. Principal, Mr Melloy apparently thinks that it is “harmful and dangerous” because it could influence other pupils who could think Lucan’s actions were cool.
I think it's fine for him or anyone else to have long hair because it is a way of expressing yourself, and because they are in uniform everyday they need some sort of way to express there self. And through out all of the fuss Lucan has won the court case and kept his long hair.

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