Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tauranga Girls College

What are houses at TGC?
Batten House
Freyberg House
Mansfield House
Rutherford House

What are the mascots for each house? (In order)
Mascot: Kermit the Frog
Mascot: Elmo
Mascot: Big Bird
Mascot: Cookie Monster

What does TGC ages range from?
Tauranga Girls College ranges from age 12 to 18 

What are the colours to match the houses? (In order)
Colour: Green 
Colour: Red 
Colour: Yellow
Colour: Blue 

How many houses are there? 
There are 4 houses at TGC

What is TGC three main values?
There three main values in the school are respect, participation and pride

When was TGC established?
TGC was established in 1958

Why did TGC and TBG split apart?
The college split apart due to the population increase and small area of Tauranga College

How many sports does TGC have?
They have 37 sports

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