Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Statistics sampling

Yesterday in Maths we learned about sampling. Write about sampling. You should include
- what is a sample?
- why take a sample?
- what are some examples of sampling done irl?
- what does the word ‘population’ mean?
- how can you tell if are you sampling the right population?
- yesterday you took a sample using one method of sampling, explain what you did and your findings
NO question headings. Write in a paragraphing style. Remember use examples.

A sample is something where you get a small amount of investigation

We take a sample from the population to collect data and to get information in small amounts & it's a quicker, safer & cheaper way of testing. 

Hospitals, Bloods tests
Cooks, MKR & Master chef 

Population means the group of people 

You can tell if you are sampling the right population by having a mixture of people also called random sampling, there are two type of sampling fair & biased 

You can find the representative sample on this site

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