Tuesday, 13 May 2014

African bird Q&A

A. Stellar
Q: What reputation has the fork tail drongo gained? 

A. 25%
Q:How many percent of the time,does the fork tail drongo steal food?

A. 50
Q: How many warning calls did the researches perfectly imitate? 

A. Shaped like a fork
Q: What is the fork tailed drongo shaped like?
A. Mimicry
Q: What did the fork - tailed drongos master?

A. To obtain another animal’s food
Q: Why does the Fork Tailed Drongo mimic other birds warning 

A. The animal with food hears an alarm call from its friends, drops the food and runs.
Q:What happens when a bird hears an alarm call?

A. Ruse
Q: The definition of the answer is to, trick, stratagem or to artifice.

A. pied babblers, sociable weavers and even mammals like meerkats!
Q: Name three of the 50 desserts dwellers that were imitated by researchers

A. hawks and eagles
Q: What birds normally get's threatened?

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