Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Click cards

Click cards is a system which each class in school runs. There are 40 clicks on each card and you can get one click each day for good behaviour. Therefore if you have you have your name on the board with a cross next to it you do not get a click that day and if your absent you also don't get a click. If you get 40 clicks you get a Rimu bracelet which you can wear for the rest of the year, and if you manage to complete 3 cards which means you got 120 clicks you get a stars badge. But if you are seen with another house badge you will get yours taken off of you forever and you will not get it back. Relievers can also give you clicks if you are good. There are also stars cards which will be received at each house Hui and to people with will given vouchers, and at the end of each term Miss Coville with draw out 1 person for each house and they will get a stars jumper. You can also possibly get 4 bands if you get a tick every day for four terms.

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