Monday, 19 May 2014


You may see this game kinda like google maps. But firstly you will get given a destination which you can scroll around looking for clues, a great idea is to look at any signs and see if it is in another language, or it could even just say on the sign where you might be. Then once you think you have figured out where the destination might be one the right hand side it will give you a mini map and you can click any where on it. E.G. if you thought you might be in Asia you would click on the mini map on where about's it would be closest in Asia. It would then say how far or close you would to the destination. You will get 5 rounds and on each round it will tell you how many points you have once you have done it will say game finished and show all of your guess on where you thought each rounds destination is. This is a great game and it is great to get your minds thinking.

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