Thursday, 8 May 2014

Estuary run

So you will need to be wearing shoes for the event and have your P.E gear on.

Step 1: Firstly you will run down the dive way and out the gates, you will then turn right and cross the crossing but watch out for cars.

Step 2: Run along the foot path and there will be road bumps on the way you need to watch out for the second to last road bump because you will turn left and cross the road.
Step 3: Run down the big hill until you make it down past 3 turn offs, the third turn off you will turn left again and take you to a little bridge were you will cross.

Step 4: Keep running through the bush and there you will turn right out of the bush and onto the estuary, for the rest of the way it is quite simple you just keep following the track.

Step 5: Lastly when you are at the end there will be a big hill and you will run up and run back along the foot path and back into school and down the drive way onto the bleachers.

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