Tuesday, 28 October 2014

NZ Questions

1) What do these symbols on our flag stand for?
a) Blue background is the blue skies and clear seas
b) Stars represent the southern cross
c) Union Jack represent New Zealand's past

2) Name the 3 flags of the 3 countries which are combined to make the Union Jack
England and whales, Scotland, Ireland

3) When did we first use this NZ flag ?
June 1902

4) What flag did we use from 1840 until then?
United Tribes of New Zealand flag

5) From 1834 to 1840 we used the United Tribes Flag. Insert an image of this flag.

6) Who kept chopping down the flagpole in Kororareka? Why?
Hone Heke's Rebellion

7) What are the other official flags of NZ. 

Queen's personal flag

The Governor-General's Flag

New Zealand Red Ensign

New Zealand White Ensign

Royal New Zealand Air Force Ensign

New Zealand Civil Air Ensign

Who are they used for/when are they used?

Insert an image of the National Maori Flag. When did this flag first fly officially?

8)# Now you understand the basics of our present flag, work on a design for the flag you feel NZ should have. Insert your image.

Think about:
*what flags of other countries look like
*which icons are important to New Zealanders
*is your flag representative of our society
*the colours and what they represent

*what will go in the top left corner -the most clearly seen part of the flag even when there is no wind and the flag hangs down.
*how the rest of the world will identify NZ from this flag

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