Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Play script

Read this play script of a scene from Jack and Jill based on the nursery rhyme.

Write a scene for a playscript for a later scene in Jack and Jill, or for another nursery rhyme.

Make sure you lay out your play script correctly with:
Cast list
Scene number
Stage directions in brackets e.g. (Jack and Jill are walking along lane holding empty pails or buckets)

Character names at the beginning of each line with a colon: and a tab space

Jill: Umm well actually you do, if you didn't who would get you home?

Jack: Ohhh right, thats a good point.

Jill: Yess, yess it is, okay so lets get a move on.

(Jack jumps on Jill's back and they slowly make it home )

Jill: MUUUUMM!!!

(Jill leaves Jack on the field racing home to get mum )

Mum: What wrong?

Jill: It's Jack, just come look.

Mum: Ohh gosh! What happened.

Jill: No questions till later, lets just call a doctor!

( Mum pulls out her phone and calls 9111 )

Ambulance: What's the emergency?

Mum: I have a son thats head is severely bleeding, and we need help, NOW!

Ambulance: Were on our way!

( Sirens in the distance get closer and closer )

Ambulance: We need to get you to hospital now!

Mum: You going to make it Jack, just hang in there.

( Ambulance strap Jake in and make there way to the hospital )

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