Thursday, 23 October 2014


A friend is at your house and wants you to steal some cough medicine from your medicine cabinet.
Some things you can say:
1. What are you on about, you don't have a cough
2. Naaa I'm dying I need it to my self
3. Aww sorry we just ran out 5 seconds ago

You're at a party and the friend who was supposed to give you a ride home is drunk or high on drugs. She insists that she's fine and tells you to get in. You know that getting in the car with her would put your life at risk – and hers -- but you don't want to make a big scene.
Some things you could say:
1. I'v been internalising a serious situation in my head, you're to drunk to drives, lets just crash here.
2. I think its that time where we should catch a cab, you may think you're fine, but it's for the better of us.
3. I like buses, bus are are cool, why don't we catch one?

During a free period at high school, a guy or girl you like suggests that you go off in the woods behind school to smoke cigarettes. You really like this person and don't want to embarrass yourself. But you also don’t want to get smoke.
Some things you can say:
1. Awww i'd love to but, I'm allergic sorry, you can even ask my mum.
2. I think i hear my mamma calling, cyaaa
3. You know what, I just had a puff not long ago, I think I should lay off for a bit. (Kidding ofc)

A kid at school is having a massive party this Saturday because his parents are out of town. You know that lots of people there will be drinking. A friend really wants you to go with him. You don't want to go. Some things you could say:
1. I have this thing on, my mums, friends, aunties, cousins, sisters, brothers, uncles goldfish just died, he's going through some though times.
2. *cough* Im sick.
3. Alcohol makes you fat, gosh and I don't wanna look like a hippo!
Think of 3 different things you can say in each of these scenarios.

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