Thursday, 11 July 2013

Food TECH!!!

For the past week our house has been doing technology and my group is in food tech.
Each day we have had to make healthy and appealing food for the wilderness, and we have had to work in pairs.My partner is Zahra.
We got to make jam tarts and they were delicious, and to meet the criteria they had to be golden brown tasty and well shaped. Zahra and I think that we meet the criteria and they were very tasty!!!

We made cheese straws we had to put mustard powder, curry and paprika powder in there to, to give it flavour. Plus we added poppy seeds and onion soup. Zahra and I loved the cheese straws YUM YUM!

Banana chocolate muffins where what we made and they were the best things that we got to make, ours were nice and fluffy and the chocolate chips melted in your mouth they were so good.

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