Friday, 12 July 2013

The fist day of the holidays!!!

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On the first day of the holidays I went to my net ball game and we lost by 1 point to the A grade. After my net ball game my family and I went to Bay Fair to the new self severe frozen yoghurt place called Kiwi Yo. It is a bit like Sub Zero at the mount but better. I decided to get mongo sorbet and Hawaiian pineapple frozen yoghurt. I added sherbet, marshmallows, chocolate buttons, nerds, runts, liquorice, strawberry sauce, chocolate brownie, chocolate sprinkles nd 100s and 100s. Then at 2.00 the Edge was hosting a live show and Titanium was coming to perform for the grand opening for Kiwi Yo. They sang three songs and the songs the sang were: Come on home, Sky and tatto. It was AMAZING to watch them sing live for FREE!!! Plus I got to be at the front which was good because there were so many people there wanting to see them. Once they finished singing they were doing autographs I got all of their signatures on a piece of paper. I really wanted to get a group photo with them but it was to busy and we had to keep moving. But I did get some photos and videos of them singing so here are the photos I took. This was a great way to start the holidays and I loved watching them sing!!!!

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  1. Cool you meet titanium Lucky
    Kiwi Yo is really yum
    I like your blog its really creative
    Keelin The AWESOME