Monday, 22 September 2014

PEEL Paragraph statement

Write a PEEL paragraph responding to this statement

Being a mum is easy.

You must:

Decide on your umbrella Point
Give at least 3 Explain reasons, each with an specific Example
Finish with a Linking sentence back to your P statement.
Use sequencing words for your reasons

Being a mum is not easy it is a lot of hard work. To start with, it's not easy being a mum having to run around after their children, mothers run their kids to sports events, sleepovers, parties and school trips and this is in between all of the cleaning they have to deal with. Secondly, as a result to cleaning it can wear mothers out and make them extremely tired. Mothers have to clean up after their family and pets, after every meal, family function even dusting and cleaning the toilet. Lastly, being a mum can be stressful they have to go through everyday life struggles with when the child gets sick or bullied, and when being a young parent it becomes even harder with not having much experience. A mother has to be strong for when her child gets sick because children could catch as little as a cold or something more severe like the chicken pox. In conclusion these reasons prove that being a mum is hard work, it's not the easiest job in the world and especially that it could happen by chance and not by choice.

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