Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Rimu is the best syndicate at TIS.

Write a PEEL paragraph responding to this statement

Rimu is the best syndicate at TIS.

You must:

Decide on your umbrella Point
Give at least 3 Explain reasons, each with an specific Example
Finish with a Linking sentence back to your P statement.
Use sequencing words for your reasons

Rimu is the best syndicate at TIS because we work hard. To start with, we all achieve high to reach the national standard, with all students aiming to get 4p or above and stage 7 or up in IKAN. If we do not succeed our goal we will work harder to reach where we need to be, with full focus on all learning and taking in new strategies in all subjects. Secondly, not only do we work hard in academics but in sports too, as we are on laptops most of the time we take any opportunity to get out side and increase our fitness abilities. With running,
turf task and dodge ball our house is all into sports as well as academics. Overall our house is mentally and physically strong in all subjects and strive to reach the top, Rimu is definitely at the top!

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